Main Fields of Action

In terms of Vertical sectors the action of ITS is addressed mainly to:



 Commercial, deriving competences and technologies from the first two fields


In terms of Horizontal capabilities, ITS will develop the following main ones:

 Data processing of digital images coming from several typologies of sensor (multispectral and hyperspectral electro-optics, radar, etc.) also implementing techniques of data fusion

 System Integration extending the concept of distributed information architectures (LAN and Web) also to Complex and Robust systems (C4I2) using wireless links (Link 16, Satcom UHF, GBS)

 Simulation and Modeling also of Complex Scenarios (Digital Battlefield and Operational Training)

 UAV On Board Subsystem

 Technologies and Systems based on satellite navigation (GPS and Galileo)

 High End Computing also for on-board and distributed systems.

 RFID Application for the Italian Air Force

 TLC Satellite Space architectures

 TLC Satellite Ground Architecture

 Strategic and Sectorial Consultancy both to PMI and to the Research and Acquisition Government Bodies